Alto Hotel on Bourke is located in the centre of Melbourne's business district. The boutique Alto Hotel, which combines environmental construction technology and best practice initiatives with style, charm and a high level of comfort, has proven to be popular with business and leisure travellers many of whom have become fiercely loyal. The hotel provides the previously missing link for a sustainable and carbon neutral travel experience.

The hotel is unique in that it proves that being eco friendly does not mean you have to "rough it" in a natural setting or use lower grade products and services to leave a smaller footprint. It is possible to enjoy a 4 star hotel in an urban location and minimise your impact on the environment. You can put your head down in comfort and let your mind rest easy knowing that your environmental footprint is minimised.

The building, which brings together classic architecture of late 19th century and a contemporary interior plus a range of inspired services, is rich in environmental features including double insulation, staggered stud construction on all lightweight walls and ceilings, double glazed; tinted & laminated windows & 100% renewable energy powered green electricity.

Prior to certification, Alto Hotel had already committed to reducing their carbon footprint through offsetting emissions from electricity usage, fuel and flights directly with their service providers. NoCO2 certification furthers the hotel's strong commitment to sustainability and demonstrates ongoing efforts to contribute to a healthier environment.  

The Alto Hotel on Bourke has enhanced its reputation as one of Melbourne's leading hotels in guest satisfaction as well as innovation by becoming the Australia's first carbon neutral hotel. Some food & beverage style hotels, cabins and cottages have offset carbon from some of their services or provide an option for guests to pay for offsets, however Alto is the first city hotel to provide all of its services and facilities as carbon neutral within its pricing.

The Alto Hotel is a leader in sustainable tourism

"We have already been recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism yet wanted to ensure we continue to innovate and show that it is possible to have guilt free travel without compromising on quality or service," said Gary Stickland, General Manager of Alto Hotel on Bourke."Instead of simply paying someone to make our environmental footprint go away we have ensured that we have minimised our output as much as practical first, then made the decision to offset the remaining carbon that we have not been able to remove from our operations" he said. "All of our environmental initiatives have been made by considering our guests first. This means that some guests are not even aware that they have stayed in a sustainable hotel as we have designed our programs to effectively be behind the scenes and not require any effort from our guests, unless they want to be more involved." The hotel provides the key ingredient for the potential to have a low carbon holiday or business trip to Melbourne.

To achieve NoCO2 certification, Alto Hotel undertook a comprehensive carbon emissions audit that captured and quantified all of the hotel's greenhouse gas emissions. The audit included emissions from fuel and energy consumption onsite; staff travel, water and waste usage and flights taken by Alto Hotel staff. In addition, the embodied emissions in the hotel's assets and expenses items were also audited to capture indirect emissions from supply chain purchases and any products bought, used and sold through the hotel.

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